Monday, March 18, 2013

                     Craftsy Block of the Month for 2012. Not quilted yet, but I think it's cute!
                                     Back of the Valentines Table runner/ couch quilt
                                                Front of the Valentines Table Runner
                                                Baby Quilt for my Niece's baby
 A runner that I made for an auction at our church. They started the bid at $5.00, so Curt stepped up and bought it for $50.00. We gave it to Shauntae.
                                                    Back part of baby blanket
                                                          Back part of Spring runner
                                               St. Patrick's day wall quilt number 1
                                               St. Patrick's day wall quilt number 2

I just want to put a few of the things that I have worked on in the past few months. I have had fun putting together some wall hangings and table runners. They feel the same as making full size quilts, but take a much smaller amount of time. I have also been painting, but the one painting that turned out is on display at the store front where we take our watercolors.  I will have to post it later!

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Baby Blanket

Our family is expecting some new little ones this year.  This is the first of the baby quilts that I am going to make.  It is flannel and an older line from Moda that I love.  I bought quite a bit of it when it came out and have made a few things with it.  I had my friend Cindy Denkers machine quilt it. She quilted it with all sorts of animals.  It is so cute!  I am excited to see how the recipients like it.  I hope the other quilts turn out too! This was made with the charm packs, so I just had to sew them together!  I didn't notice until it was quilted that I had two of the same prints together. I must have turned my blocks when I sewed them.  Chalk it up to trying to hurry and finish!  Oh, is what it is!
                                                                      Front View
                                                     Showing the backing fabric
                                                          Close up of the cute animals
                                   The finished quilt with the backing and binding showing
The receiving blanket that I made to go with it

Friday, January 25, 2013

Block of the Month...finished!

I finished my Craftsy block of the month quilt from last year!  It was so fun to learn all the new blocks that I had never seen, and retry the ones that I had. I loved how they turned out.  It will probably end up being one of my grandchildren's eventually.  After I get it quilted. Now on to my next quilt!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I finally got the upload to work!  Thanks to my computer savvy friend, Brandt.  This is the latest quilt that I have finished. I gave it to my oldest granddaughter for Christmas.  It is hard to see, but every other block is ruffled.  The blocks next to them are hand quilted.  I sewed on a different white button in each block to tie down the ruffle one and finish the flower in the others. It was pretty fun to do.  My 10 year old granddaughter laid out the blocks how she liked them, so that is how they got sewn! I think it turned out cute and happy looking.  I hope she will wrap up in it and feel my hugs daily!

Friday, January 11, 2013

I can't seem to get this site to upload pictures from my computer any longer.  Does anyone else out there have the same problem? They just have a list of where you can upload from and I don't use any of the ones listed.  I would really like to share my quilts and art on her, it is how I have been documenting them.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Thank-You!

I guess Trick or Treat gets a new meaning this year.  I made a quilt as a thank-you gift for my friend Lainey.  She took family portraits of us...that should tell you right there why I needed to take her something!  Anyway, I wanted to use my big Twister ruler to try, and I found the layer cakes on sale at one of my haunts, so I made it for her.  It was fun and I like how the twisters look with the Halloween prints. They are from the Moda company, and they were so cute.  It is a "couch" snuggle up in when you are on the couch!  I tried to get it to her early, but it wasn't to be...just a few days before the big day.  At least she can use it next year!  That's the trick..she can use it every year and maybe remember how thankful I am to her!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tablerunners for the "girls"


I made each of my girls a table runner for Halloween with left-over fabric from two quilts that I made this month.  They are all different sizes and one is from the remains of the second quilt that I made, the rest from Cresta's quilt They were fun and I'm glad that I did them when I did, or the fabric would have sat on my shelf and never got sewn! I hope that they will use them each year and think of me when them put them out!