Friday, July 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Some bits and pieces that Kari and I have been working on....

The painting I donated to the 24th auction to benefit park improvements..It earned them $100.00 .  I was worried that no one would bid on it.  I am glad that my Nephew bought it for his house!

 Kari's first quilt...So cute!  Made from bandanas/handkerchiefs..a perfect picnic quilt!
 A wall hanging I made for my friends for a housewarming..It was fun to make!
 Kari's 2nd quilt..for the 24th of July celebration..sold at auction for $200.00!  Also made from handkerchiefs!
An oil painting that I made for my brother in law, Roger.  It is of Allyson's playhouse that he built for her.  We were talking one day and he asked me something about what I would paint for him and I asked him what he would like and this is what he wanted.  I hope it was what he had in mind!

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