Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photos of the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Dalan and Kaden at the Canyons Gina and Molly- The Canyons

Wyatt fell asleep like this! He is eating a popscicle!

Thanksgiving Feast!!! We are so thankful for all we have, especially our family and friends!
(The post below tells all about it, The photos wouldn't load on that one, so they have to be done this way!)


Macie's Momma said...

loved being with you guys at the canyons even if it was only for a bit.. would you mind emailing me the pictures of me and creck at g pas bday, and any other pictures that are with me and the kids on that day. wuv you!

kino said...

It was good to ride to the ranch, we never could find curt. I know he was on the tractor but by the time we got there it was getting late, he took the converter to his trailer hitch up there have alan call him and he can go hook it up, he didn't quite no how to do it.