Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Christmas Party

We went to Jackson Hole last weekend for our Christensen Family Christmas Party. It was Kents turn and it is so fun when we get to go there and party! We held it at a condo at the Snow King Resort. Kim works there, so it is great! It snowed on Friday night, so there was a little bit on the ground. Not enough to ski or board, even though they opened then. The family who came on Saturday had a horrible time with the snow, they couldn't even see the car in front of them! I'm glad we went Friday and missed that part.

On the way we stopped to see our friends in Montpelier. We don't see them much, so it was good to visit with them. They are so hospitable and friendly, it was great to take some time just to visit and see how they were.
We only had Jim, Shauntae, Wyatt, Kari, her friend Jake and us. Not too many. I'm glad that the others didn't try to drive it by themselves because it was dangerous. Jim hit a moose... It didn't hurt it or their car, which was soooo lucky. They went a different way than us and a day earlier. We didn't even have wet roads most of the way.

We were in the condo next to Kinos family so it was cool being close to some of the others. Grandpa rode with us but stayed with them. I think he enjoyed himself, but he was so sad during it. I know he misses Bessie so much. We need to try to get to his house more often so he doesn't have time to be too sad. ( Which I guess will never happen, because he DOES miss her so much!)

We had excellant food, good visits, games and excited kids! I think that is what makes it so fun. They are all growing up so fast and we won't have that excitement for too long. I thought it was beautiful up there. I have always liked going there since my sisters family lived there at one time and we would visit whenever we could.
I hope we keep up with the party, even if the family gets larger and we lose some members. It is about the only time we get to just be together. Isn't that what family is about????
Have a great Christmas. I hope you are all ready. I still have a little more to do and some baking to get done, but I am almost there! I love this time of year. It just goes by too fast for me!


kino said...

it was a great weekend, it's always fun when family gets together, and i'm glad we all got there safe and returned saft, i'm going to try and make it out today or tomorrow and dust and clean dads house, he does a good job but it does need dusting,and then I can visit him so he's not so lonely, the winter is going to be hard for him. anyway if we are all there it will help him. did you get all ready for xmas yet. i still have some left and then the dreaded wraping, it takes so long to do it, and seconds to unwrap, anyway see you soon.

Grandma Duffy said...

Sounds like fun! Maybe when we We still wont' go anywhere! Sourdough....
Baby tomorrow hopefully for us!

Macie's Momma said...

i wish i could have went, sounds like you guys had fun! i miss ya, i cant wait to see you at christmas! please come down soon!! no invite necessary!

Grandma Duffy said...

Grandma is doing well. About ready for the big day. Can't wait for Molly to get to Utah so I can be a baby hog and hold her. It is a grandma's perogitive to be a baby hog isn't it!!